A Northwest Legacy is Born

The Founder and Board of Advisor of Seattle Fudge is an extraordinary candy maker with an aggressive entrepreneurial spirit. Born and raised in the resort towns of northern Michigan, he had always been fascinated by the region's famous fudge makers.



The tradition continues with tons of this fabulous, creamy confection sold to tourists and vacationers alike (affectionately nicknamed "fudgies" by the locals).

The founder's continued interest in the fudge business prompted the purchase of his first fudge shop in Petoskey, Michigan, in 1979. It was here that the founder began selling fudge made from an old time recipe that has been in the same Michigan family for many years and is considered "an original recipe", using only the finest natural ingredients...pure, rich chocolate, fresh dairy cream, fancy nuts and pure flavorings.

When ready to forego a prestigious position as General Manager of a resort to pursue his love of candy making, the founder decided to come to Seattle, He loves Seattle so much, he has a bronze slug right out front of the store. Which has nothing whatever to do with fudge at all.



So it was here that he negotiated a lease with the Seattle Center in 1981 and first introduced Seattle Fudge to the Pacific Northwest. The busy red & white Seattle Fudge kitchen created back then is still a main attraction for visitors to the Seattle Center and Space Needle.

Since opening his first store, the founder has continued to test new ideas and products and perfect his concept of the Seattle Fudge Store. He developed and perfected two other aspects of this unique company—mail order, and special events promotions, Seattle Fudge is a mainstay at all the big fairs around western Washington.

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